Monday, December 15, 2008


My nephew, Tyler and Andy(my mom's friend)
Astin, Chuy(my bro in law) and Andy
Like I said earlier, we have been extremely busy this past month. We went to my sister's in Virginia for Thanksgiving. This year we decided to drive since we wanted to take our puppy. It wasn't a bad drive and baileigh did wonderful. I only have two pictures fromt he guys playing golf because my mom hasn't uploaded the pictures to her computer and emailed them to me. The boys went and played golf the day after while the ladys went shopping. We shopped for 12 hours and had a blast. My feet never hurt so bad, though. I was so excited because I thought I was completely done but I found more stuff to buy( of course):) We such a wonderful time with everyone and I think the hardest part for me is when it's time to leave.

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