Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seven Random Things............

I have been tagged by my friend, Chelsea, to share 7 random things about me, that you may or may not know. I am not real good at these things especially when it comes to telling people things about myself. Here it goes.........

I have a major phobia against bugs. It’s pretty sad because I won’t even go in my front yard after dark unless someone is with me and I have a flashlight with me. The only bugs I like are ladybugs.

I have a major cleaning problem, I obsess with my floor’s being clean and my kitchen counters MUST always be clean. My major problem or obsession with cleaning is the way the dishes are put into the dishwasher, I know sounds crazy, but I really freak out about it. I believe there is only one way this can be done. My Husband can’t stand it but at least he doesn’t have to do the dishes EVER!

I love children!! Watching their faces when they just figured something out for the first time, it’s amazing! I worked in day care for 6 years and my heart was filled with joy everyday when I taught them something and they grasped what I a was actually saying. I cannot wait to finish my teaching degree.

I LOVE One Tree Hill, The Hills and 90210. I know, they are teenager shows but I can’t resist. I watch all my seasons on DVD if it’s between seasons. I did the same with Dawson’s Creek, The OC and Felicity.

I love traveling! We try and go two different places every year. Next year, we have a lot on our agenda. I really want to spend a few months in Greece, exactly where Mama Mai was filmed.

Sundays are my favorite day. The Sunday’s that we don’t have my step kids are my laundry and lifetime day. I lie around all day and do our laundry during commercials.

I have recently started scrap booking again. I love it and forgot how much fun it is. Hopefully this time I will stick with it!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Little Piece Of Heaven.......

As, it's Friday morning and all I can think about is going to a place, I like to call a piece of heaven. I should be working but I just can't with all this nasty rainy weather, all I can seem to think about is spending the weekend in Heaven. We get my stepkids every other weekend and we get to take them to my mother in law's beautiful cabin in Cloudland, Georgia. I love it up there. Unforunately, we haven't been able to go in almost six weeks due to my grandfather's passing, the lovely economy, and other reasons. So to say the least, I am very excited about going and spending the weekend with my stepkids and to wake up each morning and sit on her back porch and listen to the Mercy Me cd, enjoy a nice cup of Vanilla Tea or coffee, and watch the world below. I am posting a few pictures from her back porch to give you kind of idea but next week I will post more pictures of "My Little Piece Of Heaven"......

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our New Baby

We have been trying to get this thing up and running now for almost 4 months. I had a few bumps in the road but now we are glad to be able to keep our family and friends updated on our journey through life. We have been extremely busy with my step kids every other weekend and working full time and I have recently started going back to school full time. One day i will have a few minutes to breathe again and it will all be well worth it. We are blessed in some many ways which we are very thankful for each and every day. We recently lost our 4 year old boxer brindle, her name was Nook, this has left a big hole in a our hearts ever since. So, I decided to fill this hole with the purchase of a new boxer brindle, Baileigh Anne. She is 7 weeks old and 5.2 pounds. She is our new bundle of Joy. I know, I know, we treat our animals as a babies but since we have none of our own yet, we can enjoy the time we have with them.