Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas with the boys.....

We usually don't get to spend Christmas day with the my step-children, so we spent the weekend after with them. We got them new BB guns this year and they also got tennis rackets like daddy. Tyler is very athletic and they want to play golf and tennis and all the other sports he played. He enjoys that they look up to him and it melts my heart away to see all three of them hanging out. We usually go to Rock City every Christmas since we stay up there with them. This year was a little different since we don't actually stay in Fairyland anymore. We use to own a house one block from Rock City but recently sold it because we just could not handle two mortgage's anymore. I really miss it because we use to walk to Rock City and have long talks about everyday life with them but this time we had to drive.

Tyler Jr and Hayden(Bubba)
My bubs at Rock City
Baileigh in her Christmas sweater
The boys and their new rackets.
The boys opening their BB guns

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