Friday, January 2, 2009

A Little Behind......... Happy New Year!!

So, I have not posted in a while and just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We did absolutely nothing this year and neither of us made it past 11pm. I had to work all day and Tyler worked a double. He has been working so hard the whole month of December and I have barely had anytime with him. I have a few New Years resolutions, here they are......

1. Stop eatting meat!! Not for any certain reason, just to eat healthier and be healthier!

2. Stop smoking, have not completely stop but have majorly cut down!! I wish I would have never picked this horrible habit up. I should have stopped along time ago, when my grandma died and especially when my dad passed from Lung cancer. I pray God gives me the strength to be strong enough to stop this nasty and deadly habit!!

3. Working out, this will consist of walking every morning for an hour and an hour every afternoon. I hope after my lungs clear of all the harm I have done to them, that I can eventually start running a few miles a day!!

4. Have a baby..... I know this is a crazy one but I am ready and patiently waiting. We have tried for a little over a year and so far no luck. I know God has a reason for having us wait but I pray and pray he will bless us with a baby this year. I also pray for all my friends and other families I know having a hard time with concieving or carrying a baby full term. Be patient and God will bless each and everyone of us!!!

5. Be happy and just live life. I am trying to look at things from a different prospective this year and be thankful for waht I do have and not to stress over the things we don't have. I have a major stress problem and I need to get it under control.

Alright, I think I am done. We wish everyone a year full of nothing but Love, Joy, and Happiness. I will post photos from Christmas later this weekend.......

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Brooke said...

i wish you the best of luck on the smoking thing. so far so good for me but i really didn't smoke all that much to begin with. i'm keeping my fingers crossing for a babies in 09!! hopefully this will be the year for all of us!!